Ministry Teams
Ministry Teams work together to make Kiski Valley’s process happen. The whole KVCC family, members and non-members, are invited to serve on a team. Leaders and team members are asked to uphold KVCC’s vision, values, and process in their service.

Our teams are inclusive rather than exclusive, while encouraging people to serve according to their individual Spiritual Gifts, Heart, Abilities, Personality, and Experiences (S.H.A.P.E.). This will mean team members may find they are not “shaped” for a particular ministry. It is fine to move on to something new if this is the case.

Clearances are needed to work with minors.

All leaders and team members are asked to invest in the team and in their own personal growth in the area they serve.

Worship Team
This team facilitates connecting to God through worship, and to one another through the common desire to be in the presence of God. The contemporary style is meant to draw the unbelieving and disconnected to the life changing truth of God.

This team works in the background to coordinate sound, lighting, power point announcements and music lyrics, background music, etc. for the Sunday morning service.  

Ushers & Greeters
This team makes people feel welcome and helps the Sunday morning service run smoothly. This service is the main “entry point” to KVAG, so it is important new people and those disconnected are intentionally welcomed and connected. 

This team gives parents of small children the ability to worship without distractions during the Sunday morning service. 

Children’s Church
This team provides a “connect to God” service time for kids ages 4-12 during Sunday morning service. Several teams teach on a rotation, with Vicki Peterman as their leader and coordinator of lessons and activities. 

Group Leaders
Growth Groups are the way we are committed to make disciples. Group members can literally apply God’s Word to their lives within the support and connection of their Groups.

Youth Ministry
This team meets with the youth on various nights for life change via evangelism, discipleship, and support of students age 12 to 17.  

Women of Purpose
This team provides much service to KVAG, including: coordination of special celebration & outreach meals, baby & wedding showers, fellowship parties & activities, as well as funding and staffing various outreaches.  The group meets the third Monday evening of each month.

Men’s Ministry
This team serves as a Growth Group and ministry team.  The group meets twice per month, on the first Sunday and third Saturday. They also hold work days for general or special projects. The group is very involved in VBS, funding and leading the older boys on a separate teaching and project track.  

This team distributes and communicates the news and needs of our missionaries, so the church family can support missionaries financially and by prayer. This is how we “connect to our world” through “giving”. We support several missionaries in the U.S. and overseas.  

This is a church-wide team which participates in community events and holds outreach events to facilitate the “connect to our world” through “going” part of our process.
Mission Trips
Also purposed to fulfill the “going” step in our ministry process, this team plans trips in the U.S. and abroad for missions work of all types. In addition to participation in Christ’s commission, these trips bring unity and perspective that no other opportunities afford.
The website is a “front door” to our church and is vital in allowing new people to find us and learn about us.
There are three prayer teams.
Prayer chain members can choose the phone chain or the email chain.  

Prayer care team members pray for the entire church family every week. 

Prayer meeting before Sunday morning Growth Groups each Sunday morning.